Analytics in Digital Marketing

By: Kamakshi Gopalan - Oct 22, 2019


World has already started moving towards digital means of marketing looking at the effectiveness of its campaigns and their returns from the same. Don’t you think involving analytics into it will increase its effectiveness to the next level? Resonating the majority, companies have begun to understand that digital marketing and analytics go hand-in-hand.

So what is Digital Marketing?

As the name suggests, it is advertising through digital channel such as social media, websites, mobile and web applications etc. So the pop-ups we see while playing games in our mobile or the banners we see in social media are all called digital Ads. Now while we have a brief idea about digital marketing you might just be wondering what analytics can do here!

Scope of Analytics:

There are many metrics which govern the effectiveness of a campaign. However, according to the company goals, the metrics which are of primary importance changes. Basic metrics which are monitored are:

  • Traffic - It is the number of visitors from various sources like organic, paid, direct, referral and social, where the goal will be to increase the organic source as it defines the visibility of the company when users search for related services. Emphasis on sources changes across business w.r.t the response received from each of them.
  • Conversions & Engagements - Though “Traffic” as a metric might seem lucrative, what’s more important is the number of people who engage with your post, like No. Of clicks, Liking your posts, commenting/subscribing to your blogs etc. and bigger conversions like downloading an E-Book / Filling contact form. These metrics show how many are really interested on the content you have published. Those are your prospective customers.
  • Page Loading Speed - Loading speed must be really quick. There are high chances of creating a disinterest in an otherwise potentially interested customer. A study says that about 40% of the visitors leave your site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

You all must be wondering that all these are already available say in Google Analytics or HubSpot analytics reports, what difference can Krato Solutions provide?

Many feel that Google Analytics is not very user-friendly i.e., it is cluttered with too many metrics and requires spending of considerable time to actually understand how well you are faring with your campaigns, which is not very impressive. What we can do is, we can read your business data and show you those metrics which you just might be interested in. All these can be put in a form of an easily understandable visualization and a few numbers on a dashboard, which you may as well want to befriend for the rest of your business journey. And Lo, you will surely find that you have saved considerable amount of efforts!

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