Renew your customer meeting experiences!

Krato Solutions makes the selling process more optimized by placing analytics and solutions in the right area. You gain more by doing less.

  • Pricing all verticals
  • What-if analysis on different verticals
  • Recommendation system
  • Forecasting trends & revenue
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Strategic decisions
  • Location analytics
  • Planning & optimizing distribution
  • Mixed modeling
  • End to end retail analytics service


We are the cushion support you’ll ever need!

Do the same for yourself like what you do for others. Drop all your hiccups on us and go placidly. Analytics will give you the pacification you need.

  • Customer segmentation and feedback analysis
  • Resource analysis and optimization
  • Room demand analysis
  • Trends and pattern analysis
  • Footfall analytics
  • Revenue analysis – detailed
  • Maintain customer metadata details
  • In-time service reports generations
  • Promote quality performance
  • Performance analysis, drivers and performance measures and their effectiveness
  • Market basket analysis


We are here to care for your business while you care for the people!

We will be the brain that manages the different parts of your organization to ensure the best of healthcare services.
We will help you streamline your resources by advanced analytics.

  • Customer segmentation, value, record analysis
  • Personalized marketing and website optimization
  • Energy consumption analysis and optimization
  • Resource analysis and optimization
  • Room analysis (empty room doesn’t pay)
  • Doctor’s, availability, variance of billability analysis
  • Forecast patient diagnosis based on previous records
  • Maintain patient metadata details
  • In-time service reports generations
  • Promote quality performance
  • Treatment pattern analysis
  • Hospital performance analysis and their effectiveness


Bank on us!

Krato Solutions provides a complete analytical solution for banking sector to cope up with competitors and help you to improve your Customer services and Risk Management.

  • Effective customer profiling
  • Customer metadata management
  • Proper understanding of customer needs
  • Track customer transaction history and understand patterns
  • Detect the customer changing trends
  • Defaulter predictions
  • False and risk alarms
  • Approval & risk scorecards
  • Collection & recovery analytics
  • Fraud detection & management
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Customer segmentation for retention and attrition