About our team

A team of five enthusiasts, who were brought together by destiny, stuck together by passion and the desire to chase dreams led to the forming of Krato solutions. We have the same motto “Grow by making others grow”. We believe that analyzing data in the apt way can bring about a significant change to any business. We are very promising and committed in delivering our projects with something more than what’s expected of us.

Sarathkumar Kannan,


A Data Scientist with proficient knowledge in Statistics and Data science, Sarath is an entrepreneur by blood. He has a lot of revolutionary ideas to bring about a change in the industry with data analytics. He loves playing with numbers. To follow his passion, he completed Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Statistics.

Entrepreneurship attracted him, however to gain experience he worked at Allianz Technology, Trivandrum. He is a person with big dreams who enthusiastically moves towards achieving them. Now, his aim is to create Krato as a big brand.

Sarath enjoys playing and watching cricket.

Kamakshi Gopalan,


Kamakshi is a Data Scientist who found a spark for Entrepreneurship. She is a task master and ensures execution of planned and committed actions.

She formerly worked at an Insurance-based company. She is a passion-driven person and has researched dedicatedly on advanced analytics. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Statistics. Now, she has a one-pointed focus on bringing Krato to the top-tier of companies.

She enjoys listening to music, watching sports and playing badminton.

A. Shantha Kumar,


With nearly 25 years of experience, Kumar was one of the earliest movers in the Marketing Technology space. He has expertise in developing inbound marketing solutions for companies in manufacturing, software, healthcare and retail.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and an MBA degree in marketing, Kumar is particularly adept at handling large customer engagements and complex service delivery systems. His experience spans a variety of fields including higher education, healthcare, e-publishing, litigation support, tax and accounting. Prior to founding BlueOshan in January 2014, Kumar was the VP Marketing & BD at QuScient Technologies, a leading software product company in the international higher education space.

Kumar’s pastimes include travelling, movies, and sports, especially cricket. A leg-spinner, his achievements include playing for his state (Tamil Nadu) and captaining his college, division and district cricket teams. He also has an avid interest in acting and is an active member of his Rotary Club of Madras East.