Set your heart right!

Sales is the heart of any company. It will pump money only if all the organs from Production to Pricing works correctly. We are here to do the cardio to make your business more lively.

  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Sales force optimization
  • Call planning
  • Sampling optimization
  • Territory optimization
  • Incentive optimization


Make your penny worth!

Krato enables you to spend each unit of money as effectively as possible. We aid you to understand which marketing medium is helping the best, for your products and services. Our Marketing analytics can help you to improve and understand the business more clearly and also monitor the campaigns and their respective outcomes.

  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Computing Return On Investment and optimization
  • Media deep dives
  • Cross media attribute and optimization
  • Promotions deep dive
  • Social media brand trackers
  • Upsell, cross sell and churn models
  • End to end marketing analytics service


Make a difference with your men!

Human resource manages all other resources and are the backbone of the company. By effectively deploying analytics at the required stages we can make a win-win in the business.

  • Churn cause analysis
  • Onboarding experience analysis
  • Employee performance analysis
  • Maintaining employee profiles by age, year of experience, gender etc.
  • Improve and monitor productivity trends
  • Payroll management and forecasting of the associates
  • Analyze industry competition
  • Future candidate screening
  • Enhance recruitment process
  • Reduce unnecessary operational costs
  • Feedback analysis


Give them what they need, to get what you want!

Understanding customer’s wish is a success key for all the business. So, Krato analytics will do smart work for you to understand your customers more clearly, than ever before.

  • Segmentation & profiling
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer churn & retention
  • Customer life time value
  • Target group analysis
  • Segmentation & targeting


Don’t go round about!

We help you optimize the product journey from production to retail outlets in a more efficient way. Our supply chain analytics can help you reduce the unnecessary time/money that you might be spending on reaching your consumers.

  • Demand, supply & inventory forecasting and planning
  • Inventory and order management
  • Product & portfolio value assessment
  • Demand analysis
  • Vehicle route optimization
  • Freight service optimization
  • Budget optimization
  • Carrier performance analytics