How we will arrive at solutions?

We believe in adding value to your business with our potential and your data. Playing with numbers has been our habit. Thus in the world of probability, we help you choose the right combination for every decision of yours. Adopting latest tools and techniques is our culture, which ensures optimum performance and helps to save your time and money with our apt products. Click BIKS to know more about our products.

To put it simple, we get your business data, beat it to shreds and make sure it gives you an idea about the direction of your business. Then based on past experience, we devise all possible strategies and let you choose the best one, thus warranting a worthy opportunity!

Key Performance Indicators

“Turn on your indicators for a safer business journey”

All businesses undergo a lot of processes. If we look closely, each and every process is for the growth and improvement of the business.

How to make it more efficient?

As we track processes like sales, revenue, profits etc., tracking the performance of every other process is also equally important. Only then the growth will be complete.

How to do that?

Using analytics, we can generate performance indicators for each of the processes. Once the indicators are in place, performance can be quantified (say, 8 out of 10).

This will allow you to track minute details and thus help you to keep your business in your finger tips.

Customer Segmentation

For any business, it always matters how and what reaches whom?

What is this?

Say in a region, people between the age of 20 to 30, prefer both fresh juice and aerated juice in 50:50 proportion. This information can help us to do marketing based on target audience choosing suitable creatives.

Evidence to rely upon when taking business decisions can be given by segmentation analysis.

Why this?

Customer segmentation analysis helps us to completely understand the customers across different verticals like demographics, geographics etc., and hence can develop strategies accordingly.

Other benefits:

This helps us to invoke different marketing strategies, thus helping in penetrating the market.

This also helps us to choose our target network.

Return On Investment

“Always bid on the winning horse”

ROI, contribution, elasticity and scenario analysis are made with the help of Market Mix Modelling (MMM).

MMM is basically cause and effect relationship model built for the chosen KPI from which the above mentioned metrics are arrived at.

  1. We can compute the efficiency of marketing strategies
  2. We will get to know how long it takes to get your return back
  3. We can reduce the unnecessary extra cost for advertising
  4. Proper budget allocation can be done
  5. We will be able to capture the marketing efficiency over the period of time
  6. Helpful in product price optimization.
  7. We can get a clear picture of how your offers and discounts help in sales

Competition Analysis

“Ensure that you are your only competitor”

Your business will just not be impacted by your decisions but also that of your competitor(s), unless you are a monopoly.

Majorly, there are two kinds of analysis that shall be done:

  1. SWOT analysis for you and your competitor(s) business at very granular levels.
  2. The impact of your competitor’s strategies on your business.

This analysis gives you, your standings in the market versus that of your competitor(s).

Analysis of competition brings the best out of every business and helps in the evolvement of processes continuously.


“Fore think, foresee and forerun”

Forecasting is nothing but knowing the future beforehand to certain extent. Any thing can be foreseen or forecasted provided we have adequate data. We can also do it with maximum accuracy as we use high-end predictive models.

Benefits of forecasting:
  1. Tracking: We can see whether all of our processes/strategies are moving in alignment with the business goals.
  2. Facilitates planning: Future strategy executions can be planned.
  3. Better utilization of resources: When we know certain aspects of business afore-hand, say demand for a product we can allocate the optimum resources to avoid unwanted costs and efforts.
  4. Customer retention: Demand forecasting also helps in knowing demand beforehand and helps in retaining customers.
  5. Planning monetary investments: Money can be regulated accordingly which brings about more profits.
  6. Staying ahead: Advance knowledge means having an edge over your competitor(s), which is very important in a business.

Analytics Everywhere

“Strategy forming and decision making is everywhere, so naturally analytics is everywhere”

“Are we using it completely?”

We choose to concentrate on answers that are required for our questions and ignore others that might prove to be game changers.

Secondly, there is a lot of untouched data which when analyzed could bring about an unimaginable impact on the business. Purpose of an analysis is to form/stick to a strategy.

“Are these strategies really working?”

We can validate a strategy by doing a before-after study with advanced analytics which can reveal the strategy effectiveness.