Customer Segmentation for Effective Marketing

By: Vignesh Shanmugam - Oct 04, 2019


All the leading and giant companies like Amazon, Netflix,Google are tremendously using the power of customer segmentation using Advanced Analytics. “Do Big companies use Analytics? or Analytics makes them Big?” lets keep this debate aside.  What we need to understand is, Analytics plays a vital role in development of every organization.  

What is Customer Segmentation?

To put it in simple words, Customer segmentation is nothing but grouping customers in an effective way to improve the business based on their demographic, Behavioral, Psycho-graphic, Geographic details etc.

Benefits of Customer Segmentation:

There are many advantages of Advance Analytics in business, where customer segmentation is one among them. Effective use of Customer Segmentation will allow you to,

  1. Targeting the Right Customer.
  2. Price and Cost Optimization
  3. Customer Retention and acquisition.  
  4. Effective Marketing
  5. Better Customer Relationship
  6. Enhances Competitiveness

Where can we apply Customer Segmentation? 

Irrespective of Business, Customer Segmentation can be applied to any filed. Especially in,

  1. Marketing and Sales.
  2. Retail
  3. Finance and Insurance.
  4. Banking
  5. Travel & Hospitality.  


One of the most important indicator of a well-performing business is the level of customer satisfaction achieved.   

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